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This job description is a summary of the job duties and expectations that are essential to the successful evaluation of the job. It is not intended to be complete in detail. Individuals classified on this job are expected to perform all the duties listed and, on occasion, may be required to perform other functions of higher or lower skill level not included in this job description.

Standard of behavior:
Employment with TMS Global is a privilege and a ministry. All people on staff must be gifted in sharing the love of God through joyful service to those in need of our care and attention. A professional and loving commitment to promoting of TMS Global’s mission and ministries is a minimum standard of behavior.

Reporting relationship: Vice President for Global Operations

Department mission statement:
Recognizing that Jesus is the One Who calls, the mobilization and candidacy department seeks to find, guide, and screen candidates whose character and calling seem to be in line with TMS Global’s mission, vision, and values.

Position summary:
To develop and oversee the recruiting and candidacy processes of TMS Global, ensuring that the right people are aware of and invited to join this mission community. To lead the mobilization staff team and guide mobilization efforts across the organization.

Major duties and responsibilities:

1) To live a lifestyle that is above reproach and worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ. To live in accordance with the faith statement and core values of TMS Global.

2) To be committed to an example of life-long learning and continuous intentional growth in the study and life application of God’s Word.

3) To develop and execute TMS Global’s overall recruitment strategy.

4) To lead and manage department staff team toward fulfilling that strategy.

5) To seek creative ways to invite new generations of potential cross-cultural witnesses in the context of the shifting landscape of global missions.

6) To establish and maintain a tracking mechanism for potential candidates all the way through onboarding or exiting the process.

7) To collaborate with the global engagement team and cross-cultural witnesses in understanding larger ministry vision, identifying particular needs, and seeking candidates to participate in the vision and to meet specific needs.

8) To collaborate with the church ministry team to ensure vision and opportunities are presented to churches as part of their Activate programs and Global Impact Celebrations.

9) To collaborate with the communications team so that overall vision and ministry opportunities are clearly and effectively distributed through TMS Global channels.

10) To oversee, implement, and regularly evaluate the cross-cultural witness screening process.

11) To ensure candidates receive guidance throughout the discernment and candidacy processes.

12) To effectively plan and manage an annual budget for the mobilization and candidacy department.

13) Any other reasonable duties as assigned by the vice president for global operations.

Job knowledge:
The individual should have a bachelor’s degree. Knowledge of current trends and literature in global missions is essential. Networking and recruiting skills are critical. Significant work experience in cross-cultural ministry is a plus. A strong working knowledge of the global mission landscape, local church operation, and global missions structures is desired. Strong public speaking and instructional ability with a variety of audiences is desired.

Personal requirements:
The individual must enjoy interacting and communicating with people. The individual should have a pattern of creative responses to challenges. The individual must be tactful in personal contact and written correspondence related to the various needs of the staff, public, cross-cultural witnesses, donors, and church leadership. The individual must have the ability to organize teams, provide leadership, and administer team operations.

The individual is responsible for the complete and satisfactory execution of his/her job with minimal direct supervision. The individual shall take direction from the vice president for global operations. The individual will work closely with his/her supervisor to ensure consistency and effectiveness of all mobilization activities and events.

Physical requirements:
Work should require light physical activity with a reasonable amount of repetitive motion. This position will require moderate to significant off-site travel (50 days or more annually).

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter along with a resume and salary requirements to Brenda Lee, TMS Global’ s director of human resources at

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