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The primary role of the Youth Minister of Hazelwood Christian Church is to shepherd the church’s youth (Grades 6 through 12) and young adult (ages 18 to 25) programs (known as Hazelwood Christian Church Youth Ministry or HCCYM) through biblical visionary leadership, creative biblical teaching and strategic planning to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ.


•         The Youth Minister is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of Hazelwood Christian Church’s youth and young adult programs, including the vision and strategic plan.

•         He will work to motivate adult sponsors of the youth and young adult programs, and also the youth and young adults themselves in a passionate, unified approach to fulfill the vision of the church.

•         He will create an inviting and healthy church environment that promotes the ability to seek, save and retain those who otherwise would be lost from the Word and Will of God.

•         He will work alongside the Lead Minister, other ministers, and Elders to plan the overall direction of the youth and young adult programs.

•         He develops and oversees assimilation of new youth, young adults and their families into the church.

•         He will work along-side the adult leaders for the youth and young adult programs of the church to encourage leadership development and provide accountability for the growth.

•         He will identify God-given gifts within individuals willing and eager to serve The Lord and integrate these talents and skills into the youth and young adult programs for a collective Body of Christ that will build His Kingdom.


Preaching and Teaching

•         The Youth Minister will be responsible for the development and management of the youth and young adult preaching schedule.

•         He will oversee adult leaders to develop sermon and stage ideas each week.

•         He will be governed by prayer and scripture throughout the week in preparation for each week’s lessons.

•         He will directly oversee the HCCYM youth and young adult schedule.

•         He will work in close connection with the worship ministry team leader and teams to create an enjoyable focused worship atmosphere for all youth and young adult programs.

•         He will oversee the development and recruitment of HCCYM life groups.

•         He will work diligently with the Christian Education Ministry Team to develop HCCYM Sunday school and other relevant classes and programs.

•         He will also work to create other teaching opportunities (i.e. Seminars, Retreats, youth camps, youth mission trips, adventure trips, evening classes).



•         The Youth Minister will provide oversight to the day-to-day operation of HCCYM.

•         He will oversee all adult leaders for HCCYM to ensure excellence in ministry, to maintain a healthy team environment.

•         He will participate in weekly staff meetings with ministerial staff to enhance communication of the staff.

•         Along with the church elders, he will oversee business decisions for HCCYM.



•         The Youth Minister will work to foster an attitude of outreach within HCCYM.

•         The youth minister will help develop creative ways to engage the church in reaching out to and loving the community, especially youth oriented environments, around the church.

•         He will live a life as an example focused on reaching others with the love of Jesus through humility and a focus on God’s will, not human or earthly gain.



•         The Youth Minister will provide basic Crisis, Marriage, Pre-marital and General counseling for youth and young adults.

•         He will officiate Weddings and Funerals if requested or delegated from the Lead Minister.

•         He will be the primary staff contact with new and visiting youth and their families of the church.

•         The Youth Minister will work in close communication with the Lead Minister in regards to hospital and in home visiting.

•         He will share emergency calling duties with the other ministers of the church.


Working Relationships

•         The Youth Minister will work alongside the Lead Minister and Elders in all matters of leadership.

•         He is accountable to the Lead Minister and Elders of Hazelwood Christian Church.

•         He will actively participate or oversee the organization and planning of key youth programming such as church summer camp, other youth programs, and mission efforts.


Terms of Employment

•         This is a salary position. The corresponding salary and vacation time will be reviewed at least annually and determined by the elders.

•         Evaluations will be conducted annually. The first year of employment they will be more frequent.

•         This position includes 2 weeks of vacation as well as the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, unless those days occur on a Sunday whereby the following Monday will be considered the holiday.

•         Vacation schedules are to be coordinated through the Elders of Hazelwood Christian Church.


Desired Qualifications for Lead Minister

•         Called by the Holy Spirit to shepherd God’s Church and youth.

•         Meets the Biblical qualifications for the role of Elder/Minister as outline in 1 Timothy and Titus.

•         Passion to preach and teach God’s Word.

•         Evident prayer life and a zeal for the Word.

•         Has a proven track record of working well with others.

•         Ability to work with a broad diversity of people.

•         Passion for people and reaching the lost for Christ.

•         Organized skills in administrative management.

•         Creative and proficient in written communication.

•         Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible College.

•         Is visionary, self-motivated, creative and innovative in ministry thinking.

•         Exemplifies the humility and servant attitude of Christ.

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